About VS8000

Aesthetic profile kits for box bodies easy to assemble, configurable for different designs to suit most needs. The profile kits are available for a variety of wall, roof and floor thicknesses. The kits come with pre-assembled rear aluminium frame and processed profiles to the lifts top hatch with integrated hinge, suitable to most on the market lifts or as a profile kit for rear doors.

Box corner profiles, edge lines and substructures delivered manufactured for quick and easy assembly, the necessary mounting hardware is included.

Chassis mounts, fenders, rear light beam, etc. are optional.
The profile kits are supplied suitable for sandwich panels ordered from external supplier. (measurement information provided by us).

For boxes with insulated floor's profile system, the following variations are available.
- 30 mm walls in combination with 41mm floor.
- 40 mm walls in combination with 57 mm floor.

For boxes with plywood floors are profile systems to 18 mm or 21 mm floor available in combination with 25, 30 or 40 mm walls of sandwich or 25 mm aluminium planks.
Roof thickness can be varied from 25 mm to 60 mm. 

Profiles to side doors are available for panel thickness of 25,30 and 40 mm.
The exterior profiles of the box, portal and top hatch / rear doors are supplied anodised, it is possible to obtain profiles painted.

Product overview

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