Use, maintenance and storage

The products should be cleaned regularly in order to preserve their attractive appearance. Clean products have a more appealing appearance, better durability and functionality. Do not use alkaline agents! Aluminium profiles are sensitive to alkalis and therefore should absolutely not be subjected to their influence. Do not use cleaning agents with abrasive additives and do not scrub with, for example, Scotch-Brite products! This results in a great risk of mechanical damage. Clean water and sponge are best for cleaning. However, a neutral detergent can be used.

Regular checks and adjustment of the products are required in order to ensure good functionality and long service life. Moving parts should be slightly greased in order to prevent seizing. The screws in fittings should be check tightened to ensure that the fittings are in the correct position.

Storage and handling
To preserve the high surface quality that the profiles have upon delivery, you should think of the following during storage and handling:

Keep dry. Corrosion never occurs without water.
Keep covered. Keep the covering material as long as possible as it prevents the access of both water and dirt.
Ensure ventilation. Ventilate the products, if possible. Ventilation helps to keep the profiles dry.

Crevice corrosion can occur on the surface of untreated profiles if rain water or condensation water collects on adjoining aluminium surfaces, for example during storage or transport.

This gives rise to spots, so called water stains, with a different surface structure.

The spots are very difficult to take away, but they do not affect the strength of the profiles.

Aluminium profiles should be protected from splashes produced during welding and grinding,as this can result in small spots that are difficult to remove.