Surface treatment

Aluminium is a beautiful material. Its metallic character is accentuated by anodising. We offer anodising in six different colours.

Powder coating makes it possible to use most of the colours from the NCS-S and RAL palettes. We have a gloss value of 80 which gives the surface a subdued and durable finish.

You can also combine different kinds of surface treatment to obtain the required appearance. On exposed surfaces it is often advantageous to used clear anodising.

We offer the widest programme in Scandinavia with two surface treatment methods for aluminium profiles. Each method has its own strengths and advantages. The preferred one depends on the conditions and your taste.

Anodising results in durable colour and gloss. Anodising is available in the following colours: clear, Hx (brown to black) and stainless steel appearance. The profiles are dyed in an electrolytic process.

For maximum adhesion and durability of the coating resulting in top quality, the profiles are subjected to a thorough pre-treatment process prior to lacquering. Powder coating is the most common surface treatment method.