This is Sapa

Sapa is a Hydro brand that offers complete aluminium profile systems in the business areas of Building Systems, Transport Systems and Floor Systems. Products from Sapa are recognised for their Scandinavian simplicity, ease of use, comfort, safety and durability.

Complete transport system
Sapa’s transport system is like a precision building kit for commercial vehicle body building. We offer a wide range of aluminium profiles and accessories that can be combined to build platforms and drop sides for general cargo, tipper and van bodies for both trucks and trailers.

We carry out continuous development, from initial ideas and prototypes to comprehensive testing and trials, in order to continuously refine and improve our solutions. The goal is to ensure that end users get the best possible solution to suit their specific needs. Products are developed in close collaboration with users and vehicle body builders, combining good design with practicality. Our system solutions are suitable for platforms and drop sides for general cargo, tipper and van bodies for both trucks and trailers. The end products are fabricated and fitted by independent vehicle body builders.

Aluminium - a first-class choice
As experts in aluminium, we know how to take full advantage of the properties of this material in order to offer innovative, high-quality products. Aluminium is a strong, lightweight metal that can be shaped as required to produce modern, sophisticated solutions that are easy to use. The formability of aluminium allows us to place metal where it is needed most and minimize its use where it is not needed, so that we can create optimized solutions that combine strength and low weight. Sapa’s transport system is therefore well suited for vehicles where maximizing the net cargo weight is a priority.

Aluminium is a beautiful material that can be given a durable anodized finish that combines good looks with practicality. This is an important property for those who believe that good design and performance belong together in modern vehicles.

Aluminium is corrosion resistant and does not rust, which minimizes maintenance requirements. It can cope with harsh treatment, withstand extreme weather conditions and can easily be washed down with water without damage, making it a favourite among users who value trouble-free ownership.

Products built by specialists
We operate in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Our headquarters for these markets are located in Vetlanda, Sweden, and we have sales offices in other countries. Vehicle body builders and service workshops have access to support and sales in each of these countries. Body builders also have access to our technical support team, who can help you choose the right product.

Sapa - part of Hydro
Hydro is a global, fully integrated aluminium company. It is one of the largest producers of primary aluminium and also extracts bauxite, refines alumina and generates electricity – the main raw inputs in the production of primary aluminium. Through its 35,000 employees, Hydro has a global reach, local presence and operations in around 40 countries on every continent. The company has more than 30,000 customers worldwide. Hydro has extensive research and development resources, working with process technology for smelting and recycling, materials technology and solutions for customers. Read more about Hydro.

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